How to Help Your Local Pet Rescues

Did you know we have at least 55 pet-related organizations in Saskatchewan that are dedicated to animal rescue and welfare!

These organizations are an integral part of our community, helping thousands of animals every year. Many of these organizations bring in, rehabilitate and rehome the animals from various situations. Others set up clinics offering low-cost spay/neuter, Trap-Neuter-Release and/or vaccine clinics to help try and control the ever-growing stray animal populations and decrease disease transmission. All are dedicated to the welfare of these animals and providing education to the public.

Most of these organizations are volunteer-run and rely on donations and volunteers to operate.

How can you help?

Here are a variety of things most of these organizations can use ANY time:

  • Donations: Monetary
    • Funds raised often go to cover endless vet bills along with any other things required to care for the animals OR cover the costs of holding low-cost clinics in rural communities
    • Many rescues have ongoing fundraisers that are easy to support such as using the Sarcan Drop&Go with a rescue organizations code.
  • Adopters
    • The organizations that adopt animals out rely on people to adopt these animals so they can continue helping more! If you are looking to add a pet to your family make sure to check with your local rescues.
    • Animals from rescues and shelters come with a health check, up-to-date vaccines as well as are spayed/neutered (depending on age).
  • Volunteers: Fosters
    • The waitlist for many rescues is long with many animals needing placement. Unfortunately there just aren’t enough foster homes to help all the animals in need. Being a Foster is completely free, rescues provide all veterinary costs and supplies needed. Foster homes provide the love and support for the animal until it is adopted
  • Donations: Items
    • Common items in need all the time are: Wet & Dry dog/puppy and cat/kitten food, litter, KMR & PMR (milk replacement formulas for puppies and kittens that need to be bottle fed), puppy pads and cleaning supplies (bleach, paper towel, detergent, etc)
    • Many organizations also have Wishlists through Amazon or other suppliers with specific items they need. This is an easy way to donate as items can be shipped directly to the organization.
  • Volunteers: Fundraisers, Events, Errands, Pet Sitting, Walking, Etc
    • Check with your local rescue to see where they need your help!
  • Followers: on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc)
    • It’s free to like, comment and share posts from your local organizations. The more you interact with their posts, the more you can help to spread awareness about adoptable pets, upcoming fundraisers, items needed, helpful information and more!

As you can see there are a variety of ways you can help. If there is a specific organization you are wanting to help, contact them directly and ask what they need the most at that time!

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