Online Wish Lists for SK Pet Rescues

Looking to help out our Saskatchewan-based rescues but unsure what they need? Check out their online Wish Lists through various places (Amazon, Canadian Tire, Critters, etc) and order direct from there! This is an easy and convenient way to purchase some items to donate directly to these organizations that they really need!

Items are either shipped directly to them or set aside for a volunteer from their organization to pick-up locally so all you need to do is shop online and pick out which items you’d like to donate! Easy peasy!

OrganizationLocationWishlist Links
Lumsden Valley CatsLumsdenAmazon Wish List Link
Moose Jaw Humane SocietyMoose JawAmazon Wish List Link
Prairie Sky Dog RescueSouthern SaskatchewanAmazong Wish List Link
Regina Cat RescueReginaAmazon Wish List Link
SCAT Street Cat RescueSaskatoonAmazon Wish List Link
Critters Wish List Link
SOS Prairie RescueSaskatchewan-wideAmazon Wish List Link
Swift Current SPCASwift CurrentCanadian Tire Wish List Link
We do encourage people to support local businesses when possible but for some it is difficult to get out to purchase specific products or to deliver them where they are needed. Shopping online is an easy way to help support your local rescues.

Does your organization have a wish list? Contact us with a link and we will add you to the list!

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