I Have a Dream…

As of May 10th my family and I officially moved ourselves and our belongings to our new home located 2.5 hours Northwest of Saskatoon. I have lived in Saskatoon my entire life and this move is big for me! Fortunately we have family close by and our move took us to a quarter section of beautiful land with a variety of landscapes including treed areas, pastures and swamps.

Now why am I writing about this here? Well, I have a dream…and I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to make it happen but this move was the first big step towards my goal. Having this section of land allows for my family and I to build up a little homestead, enjoy the outdoors and have our own personal ‘off-leash park’, but it also allows me to take a step towards my dream of building a sort of half-way house, or facility, for rescue animals. I want to build a small facility that cares for the more difficult to place rescue animals, the ones with behavior issues, pregnant mommas and neonatal babies. The ones that require a bit more specialized care and are harder to find foster homes for. A place where they can get the care they need until they are ready to find their forever home.

The video below shows just a snippet of the beautiful landscape I want to build SaskPets Lifestyle Center on. This Center would also be a learning facility of sorts where small groups of people could come to work hands on with these animals, learn different skills for caring for these animals and spend some time enjoying nature and building community. The Center would work closely with SK pet rescues and pet organizations in hopes of helping with the overwhelming pet overpopulation issue that continues to grow and educating the public about these issues.

I would also love to find a way to involve our SK Pet Businesses as they are a big part of the Saskatchewan Pet Community. A small storefront with locally made pet products would be a lot of fun with proceeds going to fund this project. I have lots of ideas and there is a lot of opportunity!

I have a dream, and I can’t do it alone! Stay tuned for more updates and ways you may be able to help make this happen, or even just to follow along in the journey.

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