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Saskatoon Animal Control Agency

The Saskatoon Animal Control Agency provides a wide range of services including bylaw enforcement, pound keeping services, lost and found, and pet adoptions.

Animal Control - they do this in part through their field work, addressing at large complaints and investigating concerns under both the Dangerous Animal bylaw and Animal Control bylaw.

Pound Services - they provide pound services under contract to The City of Saskatoon. Their staff actively work to return animals directly home and those whose owners can’t be identified are transported to the animal pound

Lost and Found - they manage a comprehensive lost and found program, helping reunite lost pets with their owners.  When a lost pet is found, they use every tool at their disposal, including tracing licenses, microchip scanning; using their online databases, to track down the rightful owners.  They encourage all pet owners to report missing pets to them as soon as possible.

Pet Adoptions - Following a holding period, animals that can’t be reunited with an owner, will undergo an assessment and adoptable animals will be moved to their adoption center

Education - they are passionate about educating the public and encouraging responsible pet ownership.  They actively work in the community, providing information directly as Bylaw Officers.


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5028 Clarence Avenue South, Grasswood, SK, Canada
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