Private Off-leash Park Rental at Sirius Unleashed Dog Sports

I love the idea of Dog Parks but unfortunately they aren’t great for all dogs. My dogs can be intense sometimes and so I prefer to go places where I can guarantee I won’t run into anyone else. Off-leash walks allow your dog to travel at their own pace, stop and sniff things and give them that bit of freedom to run around, it can be even more fun if they have some other dog friends they enjoy playing/interacting with.

I recently booked a one-hour time slot at Sirius Unleashed Dog Sports Private Off-leash Park. It was super easy to book online and reasonably priced at just $15 for one vehicle or $24 for two vehicles. They also offer group rates for larger parties. It took me about 22 minutes to drive there from my house in Silverwood Heights. It was easy to find, I just followed the link in the email they sent upon booking and my phone maps took me right to it.

The park is about 8 acres and is fully fenced. the fencing ranges from 4 feet to 5 feet high all around. There was still snow on the ground but there was a wide pathway with some trails in the first half of the park and the 2nd half had some packed down foot paths. There is a small patch of brush in the middle of the park but otherwise it is wide open and fairly flat.

There are garbage cans and poop bag dispensers at two spots in the park and there is a spot to hang up your leashes near the front gate if you don’t want to carry them with you. You can bring your own toys to play with and water is supplied in the warmer months.

One loop around the perimeter takes about 10 minutes walking at a brisk pace. This is a great option for dogs who are reactive or unsure of other dogs as well as those that prefer to not go to traditional dog parks. Being fully fenced allows for peace of mind that your dog won’t take off on you and can allow for a great place to practice your recall. Private Park rentals also allow for peace of mind that you won’t run into anyone else on your walk and can just enjoy your walk with your dog(s).

If you’re near Saskatoon and are interested in Private Park Rentals check them out!

Check out our video tour below!

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