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Feature a Listing

Get seen more by bumping your listing to the top of the page in our Featured Listings section. With your ad in more places on the site, you get more views.

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Benefits and Tips

5 featured listings show at one time and are rotated every 8 hours.

Featured listings are at the top of the page whereas free listings are alphabetical – if your business is lower on the page it will help put you at the top for more people to see.

More views helps give you more exposure which can lead to more clients and/or referrals.

Why choose to feature your listing?

It's easy to do! Just request your current listing to be featured and pick your length of time. Your main picture, business name and category will be moved to the top of the page to our Featured Listings Section

Get seen by more people – create better exposure for your business

Featuring a listing costs less than a banner ad and you don’t need to spend time creating an ad or wait for one to be created for you

Featured listings are rotated automatically

How It Works

Click the Feature your Directory Listing below, pick your duration, add to cart and pay. Once payment is received your listing will move to our Featured Listings Section within 24 - 48 hours. 

Featured listings are at the bottom of our home page, the top of our all listings, all categories and single categories pages – under Featured Listings Section. Your listing will rotate between these areas.

5 listings show up at a time and are rotated automatically every 8 hours.

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