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Benefits and Tips

All ads are 768px x 432px – make sure your ad fits to these specifications for it to look its best (Linkedin Banner on Canva works great for designing your own!)

If you don’t know how or don’t have time, we can create an ad for you – see more below

Banner ads are like a 2nd listing for you and are automatically rotated – providing maximum exposure

Need more help? Check out our help article:

Why choose a banner ad?

Banner ads are at both the top and bottom of all our pages except individual listings which means they get a lot of exposure and views

Choose what you want to promote in your ad – go for exposure or advertise a particular product, service or event

Banner ads link to your individual listing creating more views for your listing which can lead to increased exposure and more customers and referrals

How It Works

Create your own Ad or have us create one for you. If we are creating an Ad for you, pick whether you want us to create one from scratch or just put your image and wording together for you (see below for more details)

Once you have created your own Ad, submit it for approval (ads must meet certain guidelines*). If we are creating an Ad for you, skip this step!

Once your Ad has been approved or created for you it's time to pick your duration. Once we receive payment your Ad will be active within 48 hours for your chosen duration.

Let Us Create An Ad For You

FREE with Banner Ad purchase and ready in 4 business days or less

Our objective is to provide you with a Banner Ad design that looks professional and meets our design requirements, all within 4 business days. You get a digital copy of this ad to use on your own website and/or social media as well! We like to keep things simple. There is up to 2 revision rounds, and your ad can contain the following:

  • Main statement/messaging: recommended to be 7 words or less
  • One or two pictures and/or logo
  • A form of contact information (website URL preferred) *not required
  • Color preferences
Design Service


You can:

  • Provide the image/wording and we will put it together for you using Canva 


  • Provide insight into what you are looking for and we will come up with some options for you to choose from

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