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A Detailed Listing is a regular listing that provides more details to help your listing stand out more and give potential customers more useful information. These Listings will show up when people search for products or services such as what you offer, this is especially important if you do not have your own website. As SaskPets continues to grow our site and Listings on our site will show up near the top, or at the top of Google searches. Detailed Listing Upgrades are available to our Sponsors - if you would like to become a sponsor learn more HERE!

Detailed Listing Features:

  • A Detailed Description, rather than a short generic one, that can be customized by you! We suggest writing 2-3 short paragraphs explaining a little about your business, products/services offered and what makes your business unique
  • FAQ section where you can add in some frequently asked questions or areas of specialty here to show up in more search engines and let customers know more about you
  • Up to 6 images/videos besides the main image which is usually your logo. These images/videos can showcase what you offer/sell and are more likely to attract attention as many people are very visual when they make decisions on what to buy and where to shop.

**Detailed Listings are ACTIVE for 12 months from date of sponsorship. After this time you will need to continue your sponsorship to maintain your Listing as a Detailed Listing or your Listing will return to a general Listing.**

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